Lawfully Blonde Tickets – New Film Classic Hits The Stage

by ohnochriso

Lawfully Blonde Tickets – New Film Classic Hits The Stage

Legally Blonde tickets are available for this highly-anticipated stage debut, and if the on-stage production rivals the particular film, thespians are in for a serious treat indeed. The show is becoming legendary for several reasons, and the film set the stage not only for your theater production, but also for a follow up that also experienced success in the theaters. Below we’ll take a look at the story, the history of this story and what to expect when the musical opens this springtime.

The Story

The story is a classic tale associated with misjudging someone’s image, as the celebrity of the show, Elle, is a relaxing treatments Southern California girl who is pictured as a bit of an airhead at first of the plot. She loves the girl boyfriend, and expects him to propose to her before he heads off to Harvard Law School. Nevertheless , he breaks off the relationship rather, stating that her frivolity will ruin his lifetime ambitions.

Elle is crushed, but her will remains strong, and she manages to gain admittance to Harvard Law School as well. When she arrives in Boston, she is met with much resistance at the tried-and-true tradition-laden school, but she eventually wins over much of her class, especially when she decides to apply their self and moves towards the top of the academic rankings.

Elle eventually gets a clerkship at a firm along with her ex-boyfriend and his new fiancée, and the end of the story is quite riveting for several reasons. We’d tell you how the plot is solved, but you’d be much better-served getting Legally Blonde tickets for yourself and seeing how this California girl makes good.


The original film was released in 2001 to mixed reviews from critics. However , the particular show enjoyed tremendous commercial achievement, so much so that producers got together and wrote a sequel that was launched in 2003. Even though sequels generally have been met with fair outcomes at best overall in the history of film, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, was also an enormous achievement.

The Next Step

As a result of this success in movies building, Hal Luftig, Fox Theatricals and Dori Berinstein got together and chose to put together a theater production for your story. The show debuted having a preview in San Francisco on The month of january 23 of this year to rave reviews. The show will premiere at the Palace Theatre on Broadway on April 3, and if you would like to see an emerging classic live, get your Legally Blonde tickets today.

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  • nathan:

    Since Bailey won, is Fall the understudy? Is others from Legally Blonde The quest for Elle Forest likely to be within the cast (Rihannon and Natalie and Lauren for example)? THANKS!

  • white man:

    So my theatre is gonna perform the musical Legally Blonde and I believed about testing out for Elle’s beauty consultant: Paulette. But I’m not sure how large of the part it’s…I understand that you have a solo and a number of lines. However in your opinion, is Paulette a lead, supporting role, or cameo? :)

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