Exactly how Successful Is Alternative Health Therapy?

by kiki

How Successful Is Alternative Health Therapy?

More and more substitute health treatments are available these days, however how successful are they in solving our health problems. In this article I talk about this subject, I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable to read.

A few years ago my girlfriend was having some trouble with her health, she complained associated with constant aches in various areas of the girl body. She felt lethargic plus generally low. She went to your doctor and tried conventional treatments plus tablets. This unfortunately did not treatment the situation and she became more and more disappointed.

A friend recommended reflexology and despite many reservations plus doubts my girlfriend agreed to give it a go. She returned from her visit full of excitement and stated that will she had never felt more relaxed. Now this is not to say that reflexology will work for everyone but her encounter was very positive.

With this positive outcome my girlfriend became more open to alternative treatment and then decided to attend an aromatherapy appointment. She really enjoyed it and is now looking into other remedies such as reiki and things like a good indian head massage, she is becoming hooked.

As for my very own experiences, I am somebody who had a speech impediment known as a stutter from the age of four. My parents regularly required to traditional speech therapy on the next eleven years. The tips from what I remember was two fold, firstly they advised me to take a deep breath before talking and secondly to speak slower. I had no confidence with these practitioners as a lot of my friends spoke quicker than I did and not one of them required a deep breath before they spoke. They also had never had a stutter themselves and therefore I sensed it was impossible for them to understand what I had been going through.

After working very hard for nearly year I managed to overcome my stutter. I did this by reading many books to do with positive thinking and mind over a matter as well as studying people who I think were very good at talking. It was my own form of alternative therapy and yes it worked for me.

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  • Cliffy N:

    It usually goes like this- someone at a gathering notices and asks why I’m not drinking, or why I haven’t been around for a while or something. And since I don’t feel like I’ve got anything to hide, I tell them the truth. That I’ve got bipolar disorder and it was the cause of whatever they’re asking about. Usually it goes okay. They are indifferent, sympathetic, or their wife or cousin or maybe even they have it too. But a lot of the time I get a little attitude and a reply like “Are you sure about that?” or a barrage of opinions/quotes/life experience that doesn’t really seem relevant or even logical to me. Like that the government invented these disorders as a way to sell medications and get more taxes from people, or that they dated a girl a long time ago who took lithium and it made her into a zombie and gave her hypotension and she went to the ER. And there’s always an undertone of hostility that turns into full blown hostility if I choose to challenge this person. It’s happened with close friends, acquaintances, family members, strangers.

    These situations are bad for me. I feel attacked and disrespected and later on I start to consider that they may be right and then everything just gets all off track again in my brain. My question is this: how do I handle this situation? How do you, if you have a mental illness and are still mostly functional?

    If I say I don’t want to talk about it, the person makes a comment implying that I’m choosing to remain in the dark about this lie I’ve been fed. Sometimes they even express pity. Ugh.

    If I DO choose to talk about it, I end up playing defense. And losing because I honestly just don’t have enough information in my head all the time to explain the ins and outs of mental illness to a random person. Nor do I feel like I should even have to. If I don’t defend myself, I listen politely and open mindedly to their opinions and say “Well anything is possible”, but I feel like this only contributes to the stigma.

    If I just tell them I have a medical disorder and I don’t say what it is, I either get asked what it is or I can tell from the look on their face that they’re afraid it’s contagious. And I can’t flat out lie and make up an excuse. With closer friends that only works for so long, and I’m extremely uncomfortable lying anyway even to strangers. That’s how I was raised.

    And all this contributes to my never wanting to leave the house again. Does anybody have any ideas I have not thought of or read already? Or just some support and commiserating!
    Thank you all!! Your replies were so helpful and comforting. I wish I could pick all three as “best answers”.

  • Joe M:

    I’m in need of a psychologist, but before I get to my main question, here are my criteria first: Not expensive, and possibly can be covered by my insurance. Someone UNBIASED and will not manipulate me to make me something THEY want me to be – I want them to help me make ME. Also, he has to be open-minded to religion, alternative lifestyles, cultures, etc. – which probably falls in the “unbiased” category.

    Anyway, here’s my main question: where and how do I find a good psychologist? I live in the bay area (think around San Francisco) and I’m not sure how to even start looking for one. Where do I start? Is there a website that lists them? I tried looking for some but they’re professionals, like the 500$ per hour ones – which is something I cannot afford.

    So, for anyone who’s knowledgable about psychologists (and good, unbiased ones at that), please help.

  • nmlpc:

    I am 27 and have been severely depressed for over 10 years…….please help…….

  • timq3dimensionscom:

    my stepdad has 1 misdemeanor battery charge and my grandma has none but she has a one bedroom and i want out of the system because it sucks and if u can tell me some loopholes or something that would be great also i have a crappuy social worker who doesnt give a shit so if anyone can tell me how i can get out i will b sooooooooooo thankful pleeeaaaassssseeeee HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have had bv for awhile and it keeps coming back doctors meds and advice are not working at all! I am thinking about doing a peroxide douche that I have read about online and I know some people say douches are bad but I heard if you do it once in awhile to restore things down there is ok but not everyday and not more than once a week. I don’t want to do the yogurt thing that freaks me out. I don’t want to hear how bad it is people I would like to know how much to use also would like to know will it relieve bv I know it wont go away but will it help.
    Also people keep writing me on yahoo telling me that the only way to get rid of it is to take the prescriptions and when it does go away then it comes back right when you end the meds. So please do not tell me that is the only way.
    I have researched the peroxide douche and I have heard it has been really successful!
    Thanks for your help!

  • Andres C:

    Im positive that there have been doctors who’ve found inexpensive cures to a variety of cancers or “incurable diseases” but their either not financially supported or they’re intimidated into baking out. Is there any way a inexpensive cure could emerge into public use?

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